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What is Singapore Progressive Wage Model (PWM) for the Security Sector?

Date: 09-Mar-2022

What is the PWM for the security sector?

All security agencies in Singapore must meet the progressive wage model (PWM) requirements to

  •  pay a minimum salary and
  •  train employed security officers who are Singaporeans and PR, in order to obtain or renew their operating license.

Why is the PWM introduced?

This is to support the government’s Security Industry Transformation Map (ITM), to develop a more vibrant, technologically advanced and competitive security industry in Singapore. The goal is to provide better security standards and services while providing better career progression for all security personnel.

What are the latest PWM requirements in 2023?

Here is a roadmap of the five-tier career progression model and the requirements that will take effect from next year, 1 January 2023:

Training requirements:

  • Through Ascendo Academy’s security courses, security officers can acquire the needed skills to perform their job roles and obtain the required qualifications to build a career in the security industry.
  • Security personnel needs specific vocational skills to perform their roles in unique work settings, these trainings by Ascendo Academy will boost their competency and on-the-job confidence.

Why is the PWM important for security agencies?


Besides building the capabilities of security personnel to provide better standards and services, with effect from March 2023, only security agencies accredited with the PW Mark can provide security services to governmental agencies.    

The accreditation system will help security services buyers to identify companies who pay their security personnel fairly.

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